About the ASIO 1.0 Patch

About the “1777 drivers + Asio 1.0”¬† aka “ASIO 1.0 Patch” addon¬†

This ASIO 1.0 Patch reverts Asio to how it was originally, which wasn’t sound exclusive and it allowed other applications access to sound-card output. I would recommend that you use Asio 1.0 Patch only if you need to because its implementation is not ideal, as it uses the main audio driver file from 1777 release.

A possible alternative to this could be to use ASIO4All as ASIO output .


1) Use this only if you know what you are doing

2) Some newer Xonar cards probably won’t work with this ( DGX , DSX, DG SI)


Download 1777 drivers + Asio 1.0

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