1. Coco0120 Feb 2018 @ 19:13

    Hi, is there any way to enable front panel auto detect for Xonar DX?


  2. GuyFawkes01 May 2018 @ 03:03

    Is there a way to make Game eXtensions work a little better? Surprisingly my issues isn't crashing, in fact I haven't encountered that yet, its choppy sound in EAX games and a 5 sec repeat of the last played audio (usually the main menu theme since that's where the quit button is) after quitting the game and returning to desktop.


  3. Toma30 Apr 2019 @ 06:15

    Anyone know the method to access memory values for in-app elements (i.e. buttons, sliders)?


  4. DavidOBE05 Dec 2019 @ 15:00


    Does anyone still have the Xonar U3 modded drivers and could share a link? None of the link are working anymore!

    Thank you!!



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