1. Massimo Gregnanin24 Nov 2016 @ 09:58

    Hi Crimsomred. I need XONAR U3 USB MODDED DRIVER link because mega has removed the file thanks in advance for support and bye from italy


  2. Luis27 Nov 2016 @ 08:43

    Can you make a version of the Xonar DG/U3 that runs in any soundcard ?

    I have a prodigy cube dac and I really really miss the Dolby Surround provided for the DG/U3, is there a way that you can make it works to run in my soundcard ?

    Of course, I'm willing to pay for it.


  3. illusiveart29 Nov 2016 @ 15:00

    Hi! New asus STX II skin for audio center here!


  4. Anton9414 May 2017 @ 19:02

    Hello! You can made Uni Xonar DX Drivers with Creative Audio Center & SRS & Dolby Atmos Effects? Please. Welcome.


  5. Ryan Boyd20 May 2017 @ 13:18


    I have recently purchased a Xonar u1 from ebay, new unopened for £10 ( Chuffed) to use with my gaming laptop. I am currently using the windows 8 64bit drivers from the Asus site with windows 10. All is fine and working well, but is there any way to get better or modded drivers?




  6. SG27 Jun 2017 @ 18:42


    I am using Xonar D'Karax, is there any Uni Xonar driver that support my soundcard?




  7. James M04 Jul 2017 @ 04:19


    I'm using a Xonar STX with the latest Uni Xonar drivers on Win10. Is there any way to access and use a more fully featured equalizer than the one in the control panel? I'd like to adjust more specific frequencies and at the tenths place decibel scale. Thanks.


  8. Matt Gore03 Aug 2017 @ 23:50

    Is it possible to add Xear Surround Headphone (http://xdemo.cmedia.com.tw/) to the C-Media panel of a D1? Or am I limited to Xear Living and Sing Fx?


    • CarvedInside04 Aug 2017 @ 01:05

      Hi. I think the function is similar to Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphones with 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter. You can check "7.1 virtual speaker shifter enhanced profile v1.0" by Luis CU that's included in UNi Xonar "Standalone apps pack" or preferably through XonarSwitch options.


      • Matt Gore04 Aug 2017 @ 16:21

        Hi, thanks for your quick response. But I thought of Xear Surround as an (software-based?) alternative to Dolby Headphone and was hoping it would be easy to use as addon during the driver intallation (like Dolby Home Theater v4 with its headphone surround virtualizer).


        • CarvedInside06 Aug 2017 @ 00:56

          The Xear Surround is not standalone application like DHT v4, it is a driver function just as Dolby Virtual Speaker and I think it's actually it's replacement and it could even perform exactly the same.


          • Matt Gore19 Aug 2017 @ 12:46

            Ok thank you!
            A last off-topic question: Does the driver regulate how many outputs a device in Windows has? https://multiroomaudioplayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015-10-16_13-26-43.png
            The problem with Windows is that the output number also limits the inputs from games or movies. So if with HDMI-Audio only stereo can be selected, the game will also only work in stereo. However, if it would be possible to force Windows to 7.1, it would be also possible to do a better downmix to stereo with Equalizer APO and the six remaining channels could simply be silenced or never reaching the HDMI cable.


  9. Lomont13 Aug 2017 @ 00:47

    Hi report Problem on DHT Addon after install last Cumulative Update Agust 8 for Win10 1703 KB4034674
    at startup result: Uknow hard error and the addon not work...


  10. Lomont14 Aug 2017 @ 22:14

    Problem Update: I removed the update KB4032188 suppressed by KB4034674 and reinstalled ... now it works again
    Probably it was temporary glitch due to poor installation of the update now all ok


    • CarvedInside15 Aug 2017 @ 06:51

      Would you please make an effort and use Reply when replying to an existing discussion. This comment should have been written as a reply to your previous comment.


  11. RMD05 Oct 2017 @ 00:12

    Hi! Thanks for drivers! About Addon ASIO v.1. This not work on Windows 10 🙁
    Card Asus Xonar DS.
    - Windows 7 (x64) + ASIO + any supported sound drivers = OK + "multi-ASIO".
    - Windows 10.1703 (x64) + ASIO - FAILED.
    - - In asioconfig.exe: "No ASIO driver found - Select a valid ASIO driver or check your setup".
    - - In Cubase (x32) - "Could not find kernel driver for PCIX".

    Total in Windows 10:
    ASIO - not work
    ASIO - not work
    ASIO - not work
    ASIO - found, work in single mode.

    masiop.dll (x32) and masiopx.dll (x64) in "windows\sysWOW64" and "windows\system32" and windows registry has worked CLSID keys in CMEDIA section and ASIO, but not work.
    As I understand it in Windows-10 changed API or dll manifest or etc. and asio below can't run? Is there a solution to this problem?


    • CarvedInside05 Oct 2017 @ 07:25

      Hi. I'm not sure why you are interested in running older ASIO versions. I don't have a solution to make them work. If you really want a different ASIO maybe you should check ASIO4ALL or try WASAPI playback.


      • RMD05 Oct 2017 @ 09:35

        Anyway, thanks for the answer.
        I just play music by ear (as an accomponiment). Music is played from Google Chrome or Spotify, midi play in Kontakt (VST Instruments). Now when i run Kontakt, he works with the card in exclusive mode and sounds in the system do not work.


        • CarvedInside06 Oct 2017 @ 18:54

          I see. Just so you know, any Xonar ASIO 2.0.x.x is sound exclusive.


          • RMD09 Oct 2017 @ 22:33

            I looked driver in the disassembler. In the 1.0 ver other GUID and few other functions. Most likely, after windows 8.1 changed the operation of devices/audio. I'm not sure...
            I Found another way (if anyone needs it): VB-Audio VoiceMeeter (free or donat). In any client who needs an ASIO, we choose "ASIO > Voicemeeter virtual ASIO". He outputs it to his mixer and then the shared channel can be played on audio. In any client that needs an ASIO, need send data to "ASIO > Voicemeeter virtual ASIO". In Voicemeeter, the output channel send to the audio card. Latency is the same as on the Asus ASIO (cmasioPCIX). Sounds from the system also work.


  12. Steve17 Nov 2017 @ 20:34

    Would it be possible to get, say, a DGX to output a digital s/pdif signal over all of the 3.5mm jacks instead of just optical? Or would that require a hardware mod?


  13. kurolinlin17 Dec 2017 @ 12:56

    Hello Xonar friends and community.

    I used my "AKG K601" with the "Antlion Modmic V4" at my "ASUS Xonar D2X" on Windows 8.1 with all Updates and "UNi Xonar 1822 v1.75a r2" driver installed.
    In recording devices I can adjust a variable microphone boost (10dB, 20dB, 30dB). everything is working fine.

    So I made a clean Install of Windows 10 Pro x64 so I have the benefits of using DX12 and the new Xbox One S Controller with Bluetooth...
    Here come the pain. I downloaded and installed the newest Uni Driver for my Xonar D2X wich is Windows 10 compatible.
    Now I only have a checkbox for microphone boost, what ist much too quiet.
    I used the microphone boost tweak on this site, but +3dB isn't enough.

    Someone pls help me.


  14. Stephan06 Jan 2018 @ 22:52

    Is there any way to make the front panel speakers act as the rear speakers? As in being able to have 5.1 with the front panel for the front L/R. My rear L/R port is making a hissing noise. 🙁


    • CarvedInside07 Jan 2018 @ 21:41

      Using front panel for rear channels is not possible.
      There is way that might work by using the side channels (last jack) as rear channel. For this do the following:
      1) Connect rear speakers to side speakers jack (last one)
      2) Disable stereo upmix either by driver installer or in XonarSwitch
      3) Go to Asus/C-Media/XonarSwitch and select 6 Channels and 7.1 speakers
      4) Press the Hammer/Tools icon near the speakers settings and enable "Exchange rear/side channels"


      • Stephan07 Jan 2018 @ 23:41

        Oh, I think I said the wrong thing. What I meant though was if I could use my front panel for Front L/R while also using my side and c/sub channels as normal. The front L/R port on the card is making a hissing noise so that's why I wanted to do that. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Thanks for the help though, that is very interesting...


  15. FrameBit26 Jan 2018 @ 10:11

    Can someone make another addon, like the recent dolby home theater i think its called Dolby Digital Plus I want to try it on my STX II. I have tried Cracrayol's DHv4 and it sounds awesome, its more forward even with stock OP amp and even works well with virtual speaker and prologic IIx 🙂



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