1. wrxj24 Feb 2014 @ 00:25

    Does DHT works on XonarDG?
    Whenever I try to run the installer from the post above I got an error "PCEE needs to be installed".
    I've got UniXonar low-level latency drivers installed.
    Win 8.1 x64


  2. rollinstone13 Apr 2014 @ 05:21

    why the link don't appear when i comment


  3. jay01 May 2014 @ 14:47


    I'd like to download DHT enabled DX driver, could anyone point me in the right direction?


  4. Lomont09 May 2014 @ 00:02

    Any news the section is dead? ALEXA and cracrayol ? ....:)


  5. Dexter25 May 2014 @ 18:37

    I'm searching DHT v4 for Xonar D1 und Xonar DG to use with unified 1.72 driver....does anyone know a working?


  6. Jay27 May 2014 @ 03:16

    I've been having a recent issue on a fully up to date Windows 8.1 64 bit where the Dolby enhancements will periodically stop functioning. When this happens I have to open up the Dolby Profile selector, then open up the xonar control panel, and switch audio channels from 2 to 6 (or any other setting really), and the enhancements will start up again. I can then set the audio channel back to 2. At this point though if I stop playback on whatever it is I'm doing, be it music a game, or whatever, the enhancement goes away again and the entire process has to be started over. So, obviously its not a very viable workaround to have to constantly do this any time I start up anything with audio. Anyone else experiencing anything like this? I've reproduced the issue on both the 1.72 and 1.64 rev2 packages.


    • Jay02 Jun 2014 @ 21:37

      Hmm, just to update, in my last reinstall a few days ago I did two things different: I deleted the "installsettings" file before starting set up, and I have not touched the 7.1 virtual speaker setting. I usually would turn that on, more out of habit than anything else. Thus far, no outages. I'm leaning toward the latter possibly being the cause of my issue. I'll see, with my luck it'll go out again and leave me at square one, but its promising I've gone this long without it going out, before at best I was lasting an hour or so on a fresh install before the issue would creep up.


      • Jay04 Jun 2014 @ 03:41

        :sigh: No joy. Enhancements went out again. Wonder if its just some sort of incompatibility with Update 1 or something.


        • Jay04 Jul 2014 @ 06:45

          Well, after a month of dealing with this I finally found the real culprit: Its Steam. I don't know why but when Steam is open, at some point, my Dolby enhancements will stop working. There's no set time as to when this will happen, as I stated in previous posts, but it will happen. I always have Steam open, which is why I never noticed this was the cause until recently by dumb luck. Shutting down Steam will automatically re-enable the enhancements, none of the tricks necessary that I mentioned above. No fix for this as far as I can tell. I did notice at the Steam forums though that there's an existing issue with Windows 8 apps having their sound muted when no longer in focus if Steam is opened (something I too have experienced). Could be related. No fix for that either, though.


  7. Sascha07 Jul 2014 @ 14:43

    Is there any posibility to use the new Xonar Essence STX II driver ( V7.0.11.5) and the Dolby Home Theater v4 in this package with the old Essence STX ?


  8. Sascha11 Jul 2014 @ 16:19

    Another Question:
    Can i use the Dolby Home Theater v4 with the newest 1822 er Driver for windows 7?. When i Use the addon package postet at page 10 in this thread the UNi Xonar Driver installer replaces the new 1822er driver with the old one from the addon package.


  9. Lomont17 Jul 2014 @ 15:51

    @Sascha Essence STX II do not support "officially" Dolby home theater v4 software, in driver pack not present. This Options is Only for sound card asus phoebus.

    no news guys? is been a while that is not posting new addon ...?!


    • CarvedInside17 Jul 2014 @ 19:43

      Please use the reply button properly. When replying to an existing discussion, use reply button floating on the right of the comment you are replying to. This is the second time I am telling you this.
      Now, if you are using a NoScript browser addon then you should disable it so that reply to discussion button works correctly.


      • Lomont18 Jul 2014 @ 22:48

        Sorry! the first time I saw that you said it to me


      • cracrayol08 Aug 2014 @ 12:16

        Hi. Is there way you send me the unixonar source (iss and files) ?
        I will want to try to integrate directly DHT in the installer, using the code section of the iss to modify the inf files directly (so no need to update the add-on each time a new driver is released).


        • CarvedInside08 Aug 2014 @ 17:24

          Sure. Here you have the script and source files from v1.72.
          By any change have you looked if the DHT registry keys can be added without modifying the inf files? This would be the preferred way as it will not break the driver signature, but I have yet to check if this would actually be possible.


          • cracrayol09 Aug 2014 @ 00:47

            I've already tried but some registry keys are located in HKR, that is a system-generated, device-specific, registry subkey. So, I can only put these keys into the inf file.


          • cracrayol09 Aug 2014 @ 02:53

            Here is a first try of the installer of 1.72 including DHT v4 as a component : link

            I've only tested with my D2/PM and it's working. Don't know for other cards (Xonar or not). If the driver setup don't find your card, it's surely that there is a problem with the modified inf file. Please tell me if you have a problem.

            @Carved : I will give you the modified sources once I think it's ok for me.


  10. DDRRE14 Aug 2014 @ 02:32

    Any news on Essence STX II 7.1 & DHTv4?


    • SonikFreakvency15 Aug 2014 @ 14:19

      Does work fine with Essence ST. But no DHT panel. Can't see it in the programs list. No folder in program files. Need to access it via Playback devices->Speakers->Dolby tab. Can't tweak settings because there are only 3 options. Can this be fixed?


      • CarvedInside15 Aug 2014 @ 16:12

        I think you've replied to the wrong person's comment.


        • SonikFreakvency23 Aug 2014 @ 10:10

          Yeah, sorry about that. And splitting the DHT file would be great

          I did check "Dolby Home Theater" during installation. Windows 7 x64 here

          Highly appreciate CarvedInside & your efforts


          • cracrayol24 Aug 2014 @ 01:52

            Have you tried uninstall (dolby & uni)/restart/reinstall (and use the v2, link below) ?


            • Rumbah19 Oct 2014 @ 20:39

              I just installed your installer v2 and it installed without a problem with my Xonar DG and Win 8.1 in test mode.

              The dynamic volume and equalizer stuff works but I cannot get it to use virtual surround with my headphone. Using the Dolby Headphone integrated to the driver works, but not the DHT downmix. Do I have to set a special option? I have the feeling that DHT just gets the stereo sound that the sound card outputs at being set to 2 ch headphone output (input is set to 7.1). And trying to play the demo I get an error message saying that there is no compatible device.

              Can I do something to help you get it to work with my sound card?


              • cracrayol20 Oct 2014 @ 19:42

                I've already checked this problem and, I think, it's because the output of the card is not set/view as a headphone output, in the driver. DHT is mainly for laptops who have speakers + headphone output, that's why there is 2 virtual surround options in DHT.


                • Rumbah21 Oct 2014 @ 17:19

                  Does that mean that it is not possible to use the virtual surround ? Then I can install the drivers that do not need the test mode again.


      • cracrayol15 Aug 2014 @ 17:34

        You have to check "Dolby Home Theater" in the component list.
        And I've made it only available for Win 7+


  11. cracrayol15 Aug 2014 @ 17:38

    Have you check 'Silent install' when installing drivers ?


  12. TheRuslu15 Aug 2014 @ 20:48

    Does not work with Xonar DX, the installer does not detect the card, so the driver installation fails together with the DHT 4 installation.


    • TheRuslu15 Aug 2014 @ 21:07

      Running the card on Windows 8.1.
      Also the original driver installs as it should.


    • cracrayol16 Aug 2014 @ 01:22

      Ok, I've seen smalls errors in the code that add new data in the inf files for DHT support. Can you try this new version. But I don't know if it'll correct your problem because I can't test only on my D2/PM card.


      • TheRuslu16 Aug 2014 @ 01:57

        Unfortunately it still doesn't want to recognise the card, so the driver installation fails.


        • TheRuslu16 Aug 2014 @ 02:02

          The driver only accepts to install if I deselect DHT 4, but then the whole point of this package is pointless compared to the original package. 😀


          • CarvedInside16 Aug 2014 @ 10:03

            If you are on a 64 bit OS, you need to enable Windows test mode for drivers with DHT4 mod to install.


            • TheRuslu16 Aug 2014 @ 10:59

              Didn't try that, going to try it later and then report back here.


              • TheRuslu16 Aug 2014 @ 11:20

                Enabling Test Mode and disabling integrity checks did the trick, both the driver and DHT 4 installed successfully and both work as intended.


            • cracrayol18 Aug 2014 @ 22:05

              Here is the modified source, if you want to integrate DHT to Uni Xonar.


              • CarvedInside19 Aug 2014 @ 11:53

                Thank you for this. I'm thinking of splitting the DHT setup file as it is to big to include in each release. If I want to talk to you privately, should I use the current e-mail you have typed in the comment form?


        • cracrayol16 Aug 2014 @ 02:16

          Ok, I will try to find a way to test it with my card but on Win 8.1 (to know if it's windows related or not)


  13. Crimsomred23 Sep 2014 @ 07:15

    Hi guys. First of all... Sorry for my bad english 🙂
    Second: I make a litle mod for Xonar U3 USB Soundcards.

    I Remove:
    * Asus control Panel (Only C-Media)
    * GX 2.5 (I dont use this)

    I Add:
    * Dolby Home Theater V4 (I use Alexa DHT Mod has reference)
    * Now Samplerate can up to 32 bit 96000Hz
    * Alchemy Universal Installer
    * DHT v4 Installer

    Future Plans: ( Any Help ? )
    * Add ASIO Support
    * X-FI MB Software ( any can reupload Alexa X-fi mo for Xonar or tutorial, please? )

    Download Links and Screen Captures:

    ScreenCapture: https://copy.com/aWAlPvotMeeN
    U3 Mod: https://mega.co.nz/#!7d03RA4Q!CpqZj6HuHcU8W-9WPEB4nZ6CQJ9pnCEEX7hbdLjj6yQ

    And disable Windows Diver Signature to Install in Win8.
    greetings 🙂


    • Alper02 Oct 2014 @ 19:34


      I got excited first upon seeing your post but was disappointed soon noticing that it was meant for U3 USB. It would be great if you could also do it for Xonar DX.

      I got Alexa's X-Fi mod on Xonar working on my DX just for once, on Win7. I never managed to get it working again. But, let me tell you that, that mod was providing the sound I was looking for. You can download the necessary files from the following link. I tried to preserve everything Alexa uploaded then, together with the tutorials. Remember, you have to have a Realtek onboard sound device enabled in the bios to get it working just like in the video:


      You should be able to select Asus Xonar DX on Audio Control Panel of Creative. If it is something else, like "Creative bla bla" it means that something is wrong, and, you won't get all the functions working. Hope you can find a way.

      By the way, I got Behringer MS40 monitor speakers which support 24 bit/192 khz, but I cannot 192khz from my Xonar DX. Doesn't it support 192khz?


      • Crimsomred03 Oct 2014 @ 18:16

        Thanks for the links Alper. I hope can run X-fi in the U3. But my real goal is run the New X-Fi MB3 in the Xonar jeje 🙂
        The motive of this U3 Mod is because dont have anything similar in the web (all is only for Unified Drivers). I search for some mod of other model of xonar with no luck. So, i share my work with others and if posible share some Tips for software Modding.
        With the 192Khz the sound effects dont work. I achieve the 32 bit / 96000Hz with some old drivers of Xonar U3 in the web of Asus and/or installation cd. The normal bit depth of U3 with the cd drivers is 24 bit/48000Hz, when use the U3 as a General USB Audio Device with no driver, the freq. is 16 bit/48000Hz. (some old drivers can resample to 24 bit/ 192000Hz, and work, of course). I dont know if DX can archieve these freq. You can download the old drivers of Xonar DX in the web of Asus and install only the driver with the Windows Device Manager for test the frequency and bit depth. Then only copy/paste the drivers wath you want in the Xonar DX driver setup directory. (don´t worry it's more fun than it looks =) ) That´s the way i use.
        Thanks Again. 🙂


        • Alper03 Oct 2014 @ 19:52

          You're welcome. Hope you can get it to work. Be sure to let me know the results or if there is anything else I can help you with.

          About the 192khz thing, I am not sure that it will change anything sound-wise but somehow I feel I can't use my speakers to their full potential, that's all 🙂

          Hope other people who has experience over modding can help this X-Fi mod on Xonar thing again, just like Alexa did once.


      • Envy2401 Jan 2015 @ 10:33

        i also got it work with my Prodigy 7.1 LTM by using the same method for x-fi MB3 and Realtek modded drivers with someone else mod with your instructions on registery hack , i tried that first with my other sound cards like Diamond Multimedia XS7.1- cm8828-cm9880, it work flawless as usual, but then it hit me, can work the same as for other brands like VIA Envy24 since Qsound is sound outdated and badly, it need better software like creative can do more than 48khz limitation on QSOUND..."VIA you can do better than that !!!" back to what i did, at first i found to be more tricky than simple as your instructions..after following your instructions, i found out that QSOUND automatic disable and SBC2 has no effect on SBX stuff when switch on or off but it played music and sounds with bass works and surround works but feels it needs something else need to install, but i talk that later, on SBC2 to get sound playing is making device default on Realtek HDA, NOT anything else !!! and for surround effect is making sure Envy24 speaker settings is set for 7.1 channels, i was sure that QSOUND has to be on but it turns off automatic with the last step of installing X-Fi 3 software since SBC2 test passed on activation keys with keygen so i went ahead install it and cross my fingers if this will not mess up the sound card terrible, after i relogin, i found out that the settings on putting windows default sound card to X-Fi MB3 will distort and static noise through the speakers or headphones when playing anything...so i went a check to see it was X-fi MB3 settings were correct, IT was correct as Envy24 device default for playback and MB3 as host..and SBC2 set for device default as Realtek HDA since it was the only choice...and This was the miracle i found out that on Windows settings..i went back a change it to default sound card from X-Fi MB to Envy24, yep it sounds crazy at first and different from your instructions mention, but the hunch i have, that I got it to work and sounds much better than any sound card i encounter to test,even better than C-media 8888 chips and X-fi themselves...This is the missing software that VIA should used on all sound chips, it must be the high quality amplifier and Wolfson codecs they used on Prodigy cards..it sound amazing for headphones, strong bass and clearer sounds coming all around my head...

        i am also wondering that can be done for DHT 4 for any soundcard !!!!!!!! but i know the answer. This must be impossible to do, due to the way it was design to link drivers, but for realtek it can be done like i mention early with your Registry hack ??? it does support DHT v4 but heavily modified driver inf to get work on realtek first then hack the registery to make it work on any soundcard with Realtek settings...its like hijacking software with false identity to gain access to wonderful sounds...shame on Creative for doing that limitation


        • Alper01 Jan 2015 @ 20:53

          It is good to see someone working on this. Well, I am not sure if I understand all of your post. But, what I am sure about is that many people would be glad if you create a manual with steps explaining all the stuff you did. We also need to know your whole PC configuration to see what sound cards this trick may work on. Thank you anyway for taking this one step forward. Happy new year by the way!


        • Crimsomred02 Jan 2015 @ 05:02

          Hi. Sometimes, when you mod the drivers and test, and reinstall, again and again... some files and registry keys remain in the system, this is a big problem because when you format the pc an reinstall the OS this files and configiration are deleted and dont work in the new clean OS. So the ideal would test in a Virtual Machine, but not always work properly for hardware compatibility.
          And yes... DHT 4 can be done for any soundcard.. months ago I buy a Creative Sound Blaster and I mod the driver for run the DHT 4. I use the same steps when mod the software for the Xonar U3, but keep in mind one thing, to make it work is needed a specific registry key and register it into the setup.exe
          So... the first problem is found the registry Key (disassemble the setup.exe)... and the second is crate a new installer for registry that key with the command: Addreg_32(or 64). When this two problems are solved, then you can run any sound enhancer in any soundcard. Obviously you nedd the DLL of the sound enhancer and mod the drvier to make it work.


          • Envy2408 Jan 2015 @ 01:54

            your absolutely correct, i did that with many scenario, like uninstalling all my sound devices drivers and making sure it also erase reg keys as well, but on Dolby software it won’t erase dlls for some reason that only in safe mode can be erase the remnants still loading from background,, after all i did what i mention it came to my conclusion that DHT v4 does work but it sometimes sounds very awful in my headphones, it sounds it like has no surround effect on headphone mode but when i used virtual surround on speaker mode, it sounded terrible but it does have deep bass but ain’t different than VIA QSOUND realistic bass, the only thing QSOUND does well so far even in old tech been around since the vista destruction on drivers…and saying this from the tests i went through almost entire weekend and 2 days after, it was frustrating that DHT v4 does not lived up the expectation on the way it sounded when playing music…so i went ahead completely removed the custom driver inf…First let me tell you How i did it, the registry trick first, but that seems work only on original DHTv4 drivers that was not modified from realtek, i got it with ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus drivers that contains the software plus i got to work with older Dolby PCEE drivers from the net..the only one works on any HD Condec motherboard and HDMI GPu’s…i made the registry copy from Realtek speakers FxProperties so i can save it later for next step of the mod, the next step i did modify VIA Envy driver inf with merging not completely but only Dolby references with the extracted Dolby PCEE drivers Inf from the setup exe, i found the drivers needed files but i rather used ASUS latest Dolby drivers instead.. after that i make sure windows is running disable enforcement mode by using your tricks for windows 8.1….then i got my modified drivers installed successful with loaded PCEE drivers that is register to device manager, but Nothing works and missing Dolby tab on sound manager to access DHT..remember i save the back up register from older Dolby drivers was installed earlier…all i did re-edit the key to match the sound card i want used for and register the file..and then something happens when that took effect, the dolby is on, Dolby appear under ENvy24 WDM sound properties tab, then i have sounds coming in my headphones and check the DHTv4 software that bars are rendering..so i was overjoy that it work, but sadly after i test some songs…i notice how bad it sounds with fix equalizer and good bass but nothing sounds like surrounding effect like creative and QSOUND or CMEDIA Xear Surround sounded, and i honest believe Creative X-Fi MB3 sounded way better than any software so far with rich deep bass, realistic surround effect, cleaner sounds and great look on the program as well…i truly ditch my work but no problem i still have a backup Envy24 inf file if anyone wants it but pretty sure its not worth the trouble to do it in first place..i not really a fan of Dolby software this was the reasons that ASUS knows its crapware to be incuded just alone..so they included DTS Ultra PC II and DTS interactive as well to make up disappointed fans…well i know how well disappointed to spend a fortune on ASUS ridicules sound card..or is it ??
            well i really don’t know the difference on Phoebus SNR 129 vs Envy24 SNR 106 with Wolfson codec SNR 116db on Headphone mode than ALC887 SNR 90db felt kinded flat with creative help but sounded awesome with everything else. so i decided to used the best in both worlds the hardware and software to make cheap studio quality sound card for this mod…
            when i did the mod i found out for some reason it only work when it wants to..i was frustrated to get it work because the settings on X-Fi MB3 or SoundBLaster Cinema 2 does nothing and it does seams have no effect on settings when set on or off…but when i retired to installed again with step by step and go back to figure that i found out why, realtek modded drivers and X-Fi 3 host driver APOM still relies Realtek or compatible codec to make it run..it works well with my motherboard sound codec for Realtek after i reinstalled VIA Envy24 driver, i manage that seems it work just merging X-fi 3 driver FxProperties with Envy24 FxProperties…to be sure it work i still switch back to default Realtek Driver on X-fi software and making X-Fi default sound card……..its identicle the way it sounded..very strange that when i want to change the settings the annoying thing is i have to go back x-fi FxProperties and export then merge again with Envy24 to register new settings..resulted different with new settings…very interesting indeed..well i would used Diamond xtreme sound 7.1 pci-e than ENvy24 but to me the registry also crash Xear control panel everytime i open it…so consequence windows can’t do more than one stream on FxProperties settings…or it will crash the other program.. and some reason creative only lock at 48k..i really don’t know why…must be bad Vista driver designed with limited resources but very hackable for anyone… sorry i posted on the wrong comment


            • Crimsomred09 Jan 2015 @ 18:06

              Hi... how do you mod the DHT Drivers?.. if you have some registy key under "[PCEE4.AddReg]",i recommend to you delete them, because they are like a "pre-EQ". Remember, Dolby HT are calibrated for Laptop speaker, but if you delete these lines, the "pre-EQ" disappears, and the sound is more natural. On the other hand, you can introduce some lines for mod the sound under "[SysFX.Audio.AddReg]" and "[PCEE4.AddReg]". I attach a zip file with the files. And one more thing, if you speakers are 5.1 and the rear speakers are behind you instead of aside from you, the virtual sound will be Weird, like a excesive stereo expander.
              I preffer the process of DHT than the X-Fi 3. Are you listen DHT in a SPDIF and with Dolby Digital?, its a autentic pleasant expreience. Maybe you problem can solve update the DHT to Dolby Digital Plus HT, because in the dll version of the 2011 and 2012 year are big diferences in the sound. Dolby Digital Plus HT are update drivers of the 2013 and 2014 year, but the GUI is more simple. Anyway, i work in Dolby Digital Plus Mod, but i dont get to work. Any Ideas?



              • Crimsomred11 Feb 2015 @ 18:32

                New Xonar U3 Mod Update

                NEW UPDATED DRIVERS ( / 2013)

                --- New Dolby HT4 Tweaks ---
                * Upmix LFE (Low Frequency Effects)
                * New Volume Maximizer Process: Peak Limiter; instead Peak Audio Gain (Goodbye Distorsion)
                * New Smart Equalizer Amount (power): 0.3 (default value is 0.6)
                * Now Dolby HT4 fix 5.1 upmix problem (when its turn on)

                --- New Installer ---

                --- Add Clean Tools to the Extras ---

                --- INI Mods ---
                * Add: BassRedirect
                * Add: BassCornerFrequency to 50Hz
                * SmartVolumeParams: On
                * ChannelMaskConfig5POINT1: On
                * New Pl2xParam

                --- Driver Mod ---
                * New 5.1 Channel Position (because updated drivers)
                * New 24 bit, 960000 Hz (because updated drivers)
                * Now S/PDIF Supports Dolby Digital and DHT4

                --- Experimental ---
                * Add Robert McClelland Xonar U1 Enhancements to the Driver (Mod from X-Fi Mb2)
                Note: I´dont Know how work this enhancements.. but.. in my test aparently redirect some freq. for clean
                tones and boost treble and bass. Also when install X-fi Mb2 some options are ennable but Creative
                Panel not work (maybe a new patch???)
                * http://www.hardwareheaven.com/community/threads/asus-xonar-dx-pax.211864/

                --- Link: ---



                • iaTa22 May 2015 @ 00:30

                  Hey Crimsomred, your modified Xonar U3 driver is fantastic as it finally allows me to use the S/PDIF output on Windows 10. Huge thanks!

                  However, the ASUS control panel does not install. Do you know if it would be possible to fix/hack the install so that it works on Win 10?


  14. whinette19 Nov 2014 @ 23:14

    I'd like to be able to switch physical output on the card to others than defaut.
    The idea is to not go under the desk each time I want to play with headphones (and unplug the front output to plug my headphone jack).
    Any idea will be appreciated!


    • CarvedInside20 Nov 2014 @ 02:05

      If you are have only 2 or 2.1 speakers that this guide would allow you to output to headphones and speakers at the same time. Guide for Win Vista/7/8: You need stereo upmix to be enabled (during UNi Xonar installatioN). Select 2 channels and 4 speakers in the panel. Connect speakers to front speakers (not front panel!) output jack, connect headphones to rear speakers output jack.


    • crristib03 Jan 2015 @ 19:57

      Can be modd the driver to work properly with x-fi mb3?The application are installed, i can set the card, but the sound emitted is not a pleasure 🙂


  15. whinette20 Nov 2014 @ 08:36

    I have 5.1 speakers. 🙁 Thanks for your reply.



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