1. Sebastian16 Jan 2015 @ 02:09

    I'd like to create sound profiles for gaming and music, is there a way to make custom profiles?(example: profile 1 music-->2 channels, no dolby; profile 2: gaming -->8 channels, dolby on.


  2. tribaljet11 Feb 2015 @ 00:00

    Hello there. Are there any updates on X-Fi MB3 and DHT4 mods working for more cards, like the STX II? And it would be great to have separate installers as well as some people prefer to use alternate drivers but having the enhancements available for any driver as well.


  3. MiKE15 Feb 2015 @ 00:38

    Hi, is there a way to put these mods on the main site download page?


  4. Xavier16 Feb 2015 @ 14:55

    Can someone post the download links for the X-Fi MB3 and DHT4 addons, if any?


    • Alper10 May 2015 @ 20:59

      I will make sure to upload them for you. But, it may take some while with my country's out-of-this-earth connection πŸ™‚


      • Halfpantexe31 May 2015 @ 10:25

        i couldnt find any xfi mb3 addon for unixonar on internet πŸ™
        i mean such a thing really exists ?
        it would be like superawesome if someone gave me the link to it if there is a thing like that.
        i m tired of the default 'dolby headphones' its just terrible for gaming.


        • Alper03 Jun 2015 @ 22:31

          Could you drop me an e-mail so that I can recommend something else for you? I guess, it would be disrespectful to share someone else's work here. So...
          the_baddoggie at hotmail.com


          • Alper MAMAKLI15 Jun 2015 @ 08:46


            I've just dropped an email for Robert and Doug. I have just done it because your emails were in Junk folder. I am writing a reply here as my reply may have gone into Junk folder just like yours, so you will find my reply in your inbox. Have a nice week!



            • thinkdude15 Jun 2015 @ 18:11

              Hey I would be super interested in an xfi mb that as well. I have a xonar dg so dont know if its even possible but if so would be awesome .


              • Alper MAMAKLI16 Jun 2015 @ 08:04


                Below is the link for the Xfi MB2 pack. Just let me know if you get it working, but be warned, it is awfully hard.


                Crimsomred, were you able to get MB2 working just like in the video below?

                Or, you were busy with DHT addons. Sorry, I haven't tried the mods you posted a while ago. Could you update me again about what you have on your system when you have time?



                • Crimsomred16 Jun 2015 @ 17:15

                  Hi. Alper MAMAKLI, the MB2 its hard to able to work, at last like the video. I need change many registry values for this (for specific sound card) , but the sound getting louder and the CMSS its like a bad stereo expander. in my opinion thats make no sense, its not easy to achieve that Fx in another way. πŸ™


                  • Alper16 Jun 2015 @ 19:29

                    Hello again,

                    Personally, I only managed to get it working once, under XP if I remember correctly, and the harmony between bass and clarity was just what I wanted. Appreciate your work, but it would be nice if you could cover more Xonars.


  5. iaTa21 May 2015 @ 04:46

    Hey Crimsomred, your modified Xonar U3 driver is fantastic as it finally allows me to use the S/PDIF output on Windows 10. Huge thanks!

    However, the ASUS control panel does not install. Do you know if it would be possible to fix/hack the install so that it works on Win 10?


    • Crimsomred22 May 2015 @ 17:44

      Hi, iaYa, many tanks for using my drivers. This soundcard have two S/PDIF modes, one works in "standby" (Analog and SPDIF works at the same time), and "exclusive mode", (only Dolby Digital and SPDIF). The custom value in my mod is "standby mode".

      Yes, itΒ΄s possible hack the installer settings. ItΒ΄s very simple. 3 files you can modify.
      CmiOemConfig.ini : (general information of the installer: custom icons, setup info and IMPORTANT: Custom Panel (Asus) (PROXYCPL) and Proxy Control Pannel (CMedia) (CUSTOMAPP).
      CmiSetupConfig.dll : The installer need this for know what files can copy and wath specific registry keys can install (and what files are deleted after uninistall.)
      CmSetx: Mod this you can decide what OS are Supported.
      All this files can open using notepad.

      In other hand, a new mod are incomming. This time i achieve to work SRS Wow HD in Xonar U3 using files from VIA Cards. The difference with the mod from realtek its: SRS Wow HD from Realtek: only Stereo. and SRS from this Mod: 5.1 channel process.

      I quit for include Qsound in this new release, because have a terrible error. Overload the audio driver and cause the audio service crashes (Its a shame because all the Fx of Qsound are Spectral based πŸ™
      Its in test for now. Maybe in a few weeks can upload this.



      • iaTa22 May 2015 @ 18:11

        Thanks for the reply! So in CmSetx.dll SupportOS is set to donotcare. Does that mean the Windows 10 install issue is caused by something else?


        • Crimsomred30 Jun 2015 @ 18:06

          Hi guys. Finally i release a new MOD for Xonar U3 SoundCard. These are the News:

          Changes since Last Update:

          *.- SRS Premium Sound HD

          * Now SRS WOW works with surround sound audio settings (5.1).

          * Afrter install the driver for Xonar U3, you need install SRS Control Pannel for propertly work the New SysFx.

          * You can Install some of my MODS for SRS Control Pannel. I Ennable some interesting features:
          - SRS Wow Extreme Mode (Stereo Expander without affect the center channel)
          - LPF and HPF custom Settings
          - Change the Freq. for Center and Rear Channels
          - Ennable Anti-Clip
          - SRS 3D Headphone Enable (surround sound for Headphones)
          - Enable CC3D (Circle Cinema 3d) ( 5.1 audio Upmix)
          + CircleCinema 3D is the newest SRS product and it seeks to deliver a different kind of audio experience
          than that of traditional surround sound. CircleCinema 3D's primary goal is a heightened sense of immersion
          and a much greater sensation of depth.

          *.- New SpeakerConfig: Now surround sound works better.
          *.- New Bassbasedblevel: Soft Music Preset (deep bass)
          *.- New Front/Rear Xchange: On
          *.- New Diver Verbs
          *.- Delete the Cmedia and Asus Xonar Control Pannel: Because change the general configuration of the driver... πŸ™

          -When setup the speakers for 5.1 the setting int the SRS Control Pannel dont work. Except: SRS Deffinition and TruBass. (For Stereo Work fine)
          -In stereo mode, sometimes "external speakers" make no sound for Speakers (?)

          Have Fun πŸ™‚

          Updated link: https://mega.nz/#!OFMz3IqD!a9NBbCWeGUAg4t14lCBbmcRRQDAwz7b5nbv-ghorb8s


          • iaTa21 Oct 2015 @ 21:36

            Hey Crimsomred, Asus have just updated the Xonar U3 drivers with Win 10 compatibility (at long last!). Would you be able to update your modded drivers with the Win 10 version? Many thanks in advance, iaTa.


  6. Snir16 Jun 2015 @ 14:47


    Is there any central location for the status of the various developments going on in this thread? It's extremely hard (and super messy) to keep up.
    I'm looking for X-Fi MB3 support for the Essence STX II 7.1, hoping to use it for non-WASAPI 24/192 streams. I actually bought it and it doesn't function with the vanilla drivers.
    Any other post-processor (such as DHT) would be nice to have too.



    • Crimsomred16 Jun 2015 @ 17:32

      Hi. Snir. I archive to work more post-processor (for the Xonar U3). Its my list:

      *DHT4 ( Dolby Home Theater / with some tweaks )
      *DDP ( Dolby Digital Plus )
      *VIA sound FX (From year 2010)
      *Qsound (with some bugs)
      *SRS Wow HD ( The 5.1 processor have some bugs with the control pannel but when set to stereo works very fine )
      *Microsoft FX

      In my opinion the best FX (for the moment) its SRS Wow Hd. This post-processor are only for Xonar U3 because its the soundcard I have, and are installed in a separate way, (any knows how archive to work these FX at the same time ??).


  7. Fkn0wned06 Jul 2015 @ 04:39

    I have the Xonar U3 tried the modified drivers on windows 8.1 had to install the SRS Control Panel in Windows 7 compatibility mode it wouldn't work without doing that but now having it installed I can't get the program to launch there for not letting me change settings for the sound card.

    Anybody have any solutions to being able to get the modified U3 drivers on Windows 8.1?


    • Crimsomred06 Jul 2015 @ 17:06

      Hi. Fkn0wned, Thats weird, because i have Windows 8 too. Do you Disable Driver Signature in Windows? In sound property tab (for speakers) must be appeared one with the name "SRS Audio Enhancement" (if the driver its correct installed), After that, run the setup with SRS Control Panel. One more thing, the SRS Enhancement its only for X64 OS.


      • Fkn0wned06 Jul 2015 @ 21:32

        I actually got it installed and able to open the SRS Control Panel but when no audio is playing there is always some static coming through the speakers/headphones and it isn't necessarily clear how to use all the included things in the archive... You say there are many options and things to change but no explaining how and the SRS Control Panel is a simple GUI interface doesn't really have that many advance settings just sliders.

        "* You can Install some of my MODS for SRS Control Pannel. I Ennable some interesting features:
        – SRS Wow Extreme Mode (Stereo Expander without affect the center channel)
        – LPF and HPF custom Settings
        – Change the Freq. for Center and Rear Channels
        – Ennable Anti-Clip
        – SRS 3D Headphone Enable (surround sound for Headphones)
        – Enable CC3D (Circle Cinema 3d) ( 5.1 audio Upmix)"

        How are these achievable.


        • Crimsomred06 Jul 2015 @ 23:03

          Hi, Yes its true. No sliders for these settings. I ennable these settings from an "XML" file inside the Zip archive of my mod. In fact, you can ennable Circle Surround (I or II) from this file, change, enable or disable many SRS Technologies from here. Static Noise from 2.1 Speaker Setup its one of the bugs, i work on it. For Solve this, you need change the Speaker setup to 5.1. I think solve this maybie Rewrite the XML from beggining.


          • Fkn0wned07 Jul 2015 @ 03:12

            Are you considering typing up a tutorial on how to do those?,
            I can do basic text editing I would just need to know which variables change which function.

            Possibly something that shows how to get to each of those options and you said you like the SRS WOW the best sounding how would I activate that one to see how it sounds, or possibly just upload a set of files with each configuration in it's own folder string so one could just copy and paste to replace current files to get the different effects?

            Thanks for the speedy replies, didn't know if anyone on here was still active!


            • Crimsomred07 Jul 2015 @ 17:26

              In fact, if you Unzip the SRS Insaller you can get many configuration Files in XML format. You can open this files in Notepad. I only copy some code and paste above the original XML file, and thats it. The reason of make this its because the default values of SRS Make the sound Louder. I try to fix these bugs in the next days.


              • Fkn0wned09 Jul 2015 @ 03:23

                I was also wondering what are the benefits/gains from using this driver vs the default Xonar U3 driver, because as of now even when setting the output to 5.1 through the audio properties I am getting static all the time when no audio is playing, and even when audio is playing I can still here some "noise"/static in the background as well if the audio playing isn't that loud.


  8. Lenir19 Jul 2015 @ 18:30

    Hi, two days ago I got my new Xonar STX II 7.1 soundcard and installed your drivers. I use DT880s and a Modmic 4.0, mainly for TS3. My last soundcard, the Creative Soundblaster Z, offered Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) /watch?v=9xLfscJF8Wk which I rely on heavily as the DT880s have significant sound bleed. I have seen a similar feature on other Xonar cards, and tried the AEC function on the Xonar Switch, however it does not really work at all, especially as the latter only allows speaker use. Is there any way to achieve a good result with the STX II as I don't want my mic to pic up my music, ingame sound or the other person in teamspeak. I think I would not be the only one to appreciate the addition of this functionality to the UNi Xonar Drivers.

    Not viable solutions:
    1. Changing any gear.
    2. Using the onboard sound - broken, also the modmic needs proper amp.
    3. Turning down volume - bad compromise.
    4. Turning off monitoring - it is off.
    5. Using teamspeak's voice settings - not effective.

    Thanks for any help!


    • iLenir23 Aug 2015 @ 00:02

      I still have found nothing like the AEC-function offered by Creative. If somebody provides me a solution that works equally well with my STX II, I will pay 10€ for it via Paypal.


  9. enoch02 Aug 2015 @ 05:49

    I got Alexa Andrea Filter/DHT4 mods working with 1.64 r2 on windows 10 and Xonar DG. I had to reinstall them in test mode with digital signature fix option unchecked. It's even working after disabling testing mode.I had to use the eeprom tool before the card would be recognized by the installer, though.


  10. Lomont02 Aug 2015 @ 22:47

    For me work 100% DHT addon and UNI Xonar 1.75


  11. Jensn20 Aug 2015 @ 21:31

    i can't find the amp switcher addon. someone has a download link please? it's for asus xonar essence st


    • CarvedInside21 Aug 2015 @ 07:41

      There is no such addon. If you are looking for HP amp switch application you can find it here in the "Standalone apps pack".


  12. timm0e22 Aug 2015 @ 11:58

    Hey, call me a noob but where can I find this Andrea mod? I'm not really interested in DHT, but in the andrea mod. Could somebody give me a link please? Would be really really great πŸ™‚


    • CarvedInside22 Aug 2015 @ 23:38

      Currently there is no separate Adrea mod, instead it's included with the DHT mod.


      • timm0e01 Sep 2015 @ 16:02

        So Crimsonred's mod would do the job for me?


      • Victor08 Sep 2015 @ 22:52

        Would you be so kind as to post a link to the DHT(4) mod or do I use my current DolbyHT4.msi and build the .ini file and subdirectory structure?


  13. Premchand21 Sep 2015 @ 23:46

    Hello, is it possible to get 4.1 working with a DGX ? I got 2 front and 2 rear with a sub. setting 4 channel and analog to 5.1 works most of the time. But some games it doesn't work properly(sounds like missing center). When i set 6 channel and analog out 4 speaker the game sound works as it should.. but flexbass does not use subwoofer sadly.
    Is there a modded driver out there that fixes my issue or a uni xonar setting i missed ? thanks


  14. Snir26 Sep 2015 @ 04:50

    Hi there, STX II 7.1 running on Windows 10 x64, with 8 (7.1) channels, 24bit 192KHz. Using UniXonar 1.75b r2 with the C-Media control panel, waiting for 1.80b, no issues there.
    Unfortunately, I can't get DHTv4 to install. I'm getting "PCEE needs to be installed" and can't continue. I'm assuming this is because the drivers cant be installed since there's no INF for STX II (only STX).


    Also: Apparently DHT4 is 7.1 ready, so I have high hopes for some 2.0/5.1 -> 7.1 goodness!


  15. Savage28 Sep 2015 @ 15:49

    Many users dont like the reverb of Dolby Headphone DH1. It's possible to remove the reverb of DH1 completely, like DH0????



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